Better Sex

All the men and women wish to have the best and most amazing sex with their partner and they give their one hundred percent while they get into sensual relationship with their partner. But many of them do not know how to have better sex and as a result of this they remain unhappy with their sexual pleasure. But if they can try following few things while having a sexual relationship, then they can have better sex in very easy manner

Talk about it: Many people think that talking about sex is a bad thing and it can affect their experience in a negative manner. However, truth is just opposite to that and people can really have better experience with their sex if they would talk about it while making a relationship. So, if you also wish to have better experience, then it is suggested that you do talk about it with your partner and you share what you want to have from him or her.

Play sex games: If you think taking about sex is a taboo, then you will never play any games related with it n your bed. However if you will play these games, then you will be able to have better and most amazing experience and it will give great pleasure also to you in easy manner. So, it is suggested that you play related games to have better experience with your sensual relationship.

Give a body massage: When your nude bodies will touch with each other, then it will surely enhance your erotic experience and you will feel a pleasure that you cannot explain in words. To get this feeling you can give a body massage to your partner with your body and some oil. And when you will do this, then it will first enhance the erotic feelings and then it will help you have a better sex also in easy manner.